I SPY Fun House

Can things get any more boring for kids?

Posted on October 9, 2007 at 4:02 pm by Jason "JC" Christensen

Kids love what I Spy games have to offer, right? Well, sometimes I Spy just doesn't cut it. Especially in Nintendo DS form. Luckily for most of these children, they won't remember their experiences with I Spy Fun House if they stagger through the repetitive images and scary carnival music. I'll say it now: this game has absolutely nothing to it and nothing going for it. With only 3 seperate individual games and 3 different variations of 6 images, I spy a failure.

The essence of I Spy is you're presented with a large image and you're asked to spot different items like kites and buttons, etc inside the image. The good thing is I Spy Fun House sticks to this, and kudos to the developers for doing that. Otherwise, they've created a shallow gaming experience that will extend a child's nap time by quite a few hours.

What you'll be almost forced to do is collect 10 tickets to play the 'Prize Popper' game, and upon beating the game, you'll be able to leave the creepy-as-hell fun house and end the main game. To gain tickets, you just play through the different riddles and find whatever they ask you to and tap it with your stylus. That's it. There are 18 puzzles and that's all you'll ever get out of I Spy Fun House. The only difficulty is putting up with the boredom that this game induces. There are three other games that utilize the DS controls, but it gets just as repetitive and boring as the riddles you'll go through. You just play through levels and levels of the same thing. Think of it as running around in a circle very, very slowly.

The three seperate games you get either ask you to match shapes, listen to sounds and match them, or grouping items together based on color, shape, animal, or sport. You want depth? Go play Twilight Princess or Halo 3. Possibly one other thing that this game has going for it are the animations you see. When you spot an object during a riddle, it'll move about for a few seconds and them stop, and these are generally done well, without any glitches. Otherwise, the graphics are drawn nicely, but surely nothing like Mario Kart DS or The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. What about music? Audio? Don't worry about that. There is basically no music aside from the three or four soft, insane tracks you'll hear and the generic sounds when you find an item or move it around.