Geometry Wars: Galaxies

Don't let Mario's Galaxies be the only ones you visit this holiday.

Posted on December 20, 2007 at 9:55 am by Eddy Fettig

Final Verdict - 9/10

Geometry Wars Galaxies is a wonderfully refreshing chunk of stylized retro goodness stuffed into a forty dollar box. The gameplay is brilliantly designed in a simple yet refined manner, while the level concepts give room for the gameplay to stretch its legs and run for a few miles. The online leaderboards for Retro Evolved -- the rawest challenge in the game -- serve as motivation to continue playing even after the Campaign mode is overcome. Its addicting formula will have action fans overcome with the "just one more try" illness. It teeters on the borderline of being worth $40 for general audiences who don't particularly care for score-crunching -- for $30 it'd be a steal, but it also practically requires a Classic Controller to play -- and in the end its value all comes down to how much you can squeeze out of replaying action-heavy arcade games to set higher scores. If that sounds like your cup of tea, Geometry Wars Galaxies is a hardcore Wii title you shouldn't pass up -- go buy it right now. Either way, it's hard to deny the expertly coordinated design choices here. Its gameplay is elegantly simple and pure to what video gaming started off as in the first place, and the leaderboards, extensive campaign mode, multiplayer, and DS/Wii connectivity add a lot of incentive to keep playing what is in and of itself a highly addicting game. The hardcore Wii crowd would be wise to simmer down for five minutes, which is long enough to let this superb shooter slap them in the face and stop their complaints for a while.