Judgment Day- Third Parties on Wii: Part 3

The second half of the "maybe" third party titles

Posted on August 12, 2008 at 2:35 pm by Jeff Pawlak

Fragile: One the biggest question marks of this whole group, being that we still don't know a thing about how actual gameplay will be. Fragile sounds like a mix of Fatal Frame and Dark Cloud, but until we see some legitimate in-game footage we don't have much to go on. The concept seems neat enough, and any kind of game with lots of puzzles and exploration has the potential for great Wii remote use. What's really intriguing about Fragile is the gorgeous artstyle it's using. So far the screenshots that actually have showed off parts of the game look fantastic. One can only guess what it'll be like in motion.

Tenchu IV: No one saw this coming; somehow a gritty, mature franchise which has had all but one (crappy) title appear on a Nintendo system is having its latest main entry appear exclusively on the Wii. What better, Acquire's making this one, the same guys that made the good Tenchu games. The initial trailer displayed some impressive graphics for the console, with subsequent gameplay demos and screens reinforcing that fact. By all means the motion controls could really make this Ninja experience memorable; but will they be enough to pull Tenchu out of the mud? Number 4's either going to be the savior of the franchise, or perhaps the final nail in the coffin for Rikamaru and his Shinobi pals.

Spyborgs: Few people know what to make of this game, and for good reason. Capcom's talk of the varied gameplay the co-op options in such a colorful superhero world definitely sound like the makings of a fun game, but gamers over the age of ten are reasonably skeptical of its decidedly childish tone. Between the Saturday Morning Cartoon artstyle and grammar-school humor, it's hard for most gamers to be excited for this title. However, Corporate Officer of Capcom Christian Svensson has recently gone on record to say that Spyborgs is receiving a "significant overhaul", so perhaps the pessimism that most Wii owners have of this game will be washed away in time.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers: The biggest question mark of the whole group, because we still know practically nothing about the game. Since it was announced almost two years ago, we've been shown two trailers, and in those two trailers we've seen about five seconds of potential gameplay footage. Everything looks pretty, and the brief clips of the real-time RPG action seemed kind of like what was in Final Fantasy XII, but we need a serious update on this title to have an idea of whether or not the Crystal Chronicles franchise can ever be taken seriously. Between Wii's online and the recent announcement of Wiispeak, you'd think that the multiplayer could be done better this time, if Square even decides to make that a key function this time around. Perhaps TGS will satisfy our curiosity.

Call of Duty: World at War: This hardly exclusive to the Wii; the entire gaming community is skeptical of the series returning to WW2 after the monster hit that was Call of Duty 4. However, the Wii version of World at War may sadly turn out to be a weak-effort on Treyarch's part, just like Call of Duty 3 was. Already we know that there's no online co-op, only local, which even then is up in the air considering all we've seen is the single screen gameplay where one person controls the movement and shoots, while the second person plays it like a light-gun game. What's worse is that we may again see no multiplayer at all, as when Activision made the official press release that stated World at War's online, the Wii wasn't mentioned once, while all other consoles were. Forget returning to a saturated genre of FPS; the big problem here is that we may not even get a full game.

Castlevania: Judgment: Where to begin? Well, to avoid beating around the bush, let's just say firstly that this game should not exist according to Iga's attitude about Castlevania on Wii. The guy specifically stated that he wasn't very fond of a 3D entry on the Wii because he felt the use of the remote would be too repetitive. So instead Konami make's a fighter, with waggle-control for the actions. Ironic? You bet it is. Of course there's more issues than that with this spinoff, probably the biggest of which is the actual gameplay. We've heard and seen that the arenas are open for the characters to run around in, and enemies will occasionally pop in. To an extent, we're seeing gameplay like what the Powershot franchise used; except with a terrible camera choice. Instead of an overhead view, Judgment has a traditional side view like other big name fighters. Yeah, this one's gonna get messy.