Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People - Episode 4: Dangeresque 3

Are you going to have to juuuuuump?

Posted on January 16, 2009 at 11:57 am by Eddy Fettig

Strong Bad's 4th episode is a very special one, delivering long-time fans something they were promised years ago: Dangeresque 3. Dangeresque, for those who've either forgotten or never knew in the first place, is Strong Bad's cheesy action movie series that parodies the likes of secret-agent-buddy-cop films. This specific entry is in many ways more enjoyable than the previous ones because of its interactivity and length.

As this series of episodic games has been progressing, the pacing has improved and the humor overall seems to be more interesting -- but the cost is that the puzzles have been getting easier. It's hard to say where on the scale it'd be best for these games to sit, but either way, the experience is highly enjoyable. This case, in particular, features more back references than any before it, with plenty of in-jokes to the previous films in the Dangeresque series. That said, even some fans may find some of the jokes to be a bit repetitive -- of course, even the characters within the game recognize this and mock themselves.

There are a couple of interesting puzzle-based sequences that are both humorous and involve some kind of cranial action, and these parts are largely where this entry shines -- a grand car chase sequence involving an imbolile car comes to mind. The presentation feels bumped up a notch if only because of the spy movie music and the stylish cinematic intro. The inevitable cameo appearance of a certain oddball Homestar character that mumbles incoherent nonsense sweetens the deal ("My left name is tremendous savings, Ms. America..."), along with some new alter egos added into the Dangeresque universe. Finally, there's plenty of presentational choices that add to the feeling of this being a home-made movie, such as the quality of the image changing or the video being cut suddenly at appropriate times (like when lines are messed up).

Final Verdict - 8/10

For this genre, Dangeresque 3 gives its fans a great new entry in the cheesy parody series with even more in-jokes than before, along with some entertaining puzzle sequences and streamlined functionality to smooth out the pacing. As the series continues, it throws in more and more fanservice and comedy while trimming down most of its puzzles. This episode more than any before it feels more like an extended episode of the online cartoon. The end result has pretty good pacing and plenty of laughs for fans. The wait for Dangeresque 3 was worth it -- and yes, it's even in 3D, too, as promised.