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The Wii MotionPlus, a controversial device

Posted on April 12, 2009 at 8:06 pm by Adrian Ling

Through video games history, we have seen innovations which have allowed us to enjoy our favorite titles in a unique way, but one that is being considered as the biggest contribution to the industry is, without any doubt, the Wiimote.

In November of 2006, we all experienced the beginning of a revolution in the video games world. The Big N surprised everybody with the incursion of the Wiimote. At first glance it looks like a TV or DVD remote controller, but it is actually more than that, it allows us to get deeper into the games in a way never imagined because now, it's not necessary just to press buttons to beat games, but you have to get involved with the real movements through this device.

We were able to see one of the clearest demonstrations of its power in Wii Sports. In this game we can participate in various disciplines like Golf or Tennis, using the Wiimote as if it were a club or a racket and giving you a sensation of incomparable freedom. Some other games followed this concept, such as Metroid Prime, Mario Galaxy or the recent Wario Land: Shake It! which are considered as the best games that make use of the features of the controller. But a big surprise was unveiled during the last year's E3, the Wii MotionPlus.

The Wii MotionPlus is not going to replace the Wiimote that we all know; it is just an accessory for the controller and it will be plugged into the base of the Wii remote, where the Nunchuck originally goes. This add-on will allow the sensor bar and the console itself to recognize, in a more precise way, the movements we will make. This means the system will not only detect the way we move the controller, but also its strength and position in the room.

When Nintendo revealed this accessory, a bundled game was also announced, Wii Sports Resort. This game is a sequel of the first title of the console. It takes place in an island and will include new sports and activities like Sword Play, Power Cruising (racing a water scooter) and Disc Dog. The rest of the activities have not been revealed yet, but we can imagine they could be beach Volleyball or Soccer.

In every one of them, you can perfectly appreciate the difference with the first title of the series. It's just enough to turn your wrist to get fascinated with the real representation that we will see in the screen.

During the presentation of the game, the activities that drew more attention were the Sword Play, because it represents one of the biggest dreams of the gamers and Power Cruising because the speed sensation was unbeatable and it reminds us of the classic Wave Race 64.

Despite all the great games we mentioned before, some problems appeared with the passing of the months that became a habit in third party titles. They didn't try to make different effects; you only had to shake the controller in any direction regardless of the strength, in order to make your character carry out any action. This made many titles to be boring and predictable.

Fortunately, Nintendo has again started to expand the possibilities that the programmers will have available in order to implement them in their work and all thanks to the Wii MotionPlus. When this accessory hits the shelves, it will be the beginning of a new wave of games with more real and demanding features than we have seen thus far. This is only the tip of the iceberg and it's almost sure that it will surprise us with a mode that will improve the game style.